peregrine webcam work

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Great Grow Op …

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Thanks to Grow Op artists, visitors, LeuWebb, Gladstone folks!

Great fodder.



Isabella and her eponymous piece at Desire Lines

IMG_4546Translating for Isabella: the Don  (2009) shown here at Art Spin’s Desire Lines exhibit this August.

footstepper tests

test9 test10 test7  test 2test5test6




Things ain’t what they used to be


…great and complicated bit of theater with Duke Ellington and the television.


In/future an exhibition at Ontario Place from September 15-25 includes an installation of Shohola Nights in collaboration with Nick Hooper (2013-2015) and a remix or retrofit of Space is the Place (1999/2016).

Retrofitting the lights


vowels half wrong test 2



They can’t be bees — nobody ever saw bees a mile off

Last days of editing. Shohola Nights are long.

More of Studio Series to follow the showing at TUFF 2015.


half the vowels wrong

thinking of Beckett’s “Not I”

listening with treated record player to vinyl of Brubeck’s quintuple meter

starting to break up vowel animation with colour pulses at different rhythm